CC 80/20 Self-Help Guide

CC 80/20 Self-Help Guide


When I was a young adult experiencing the trials and tribulations of dating, my wise grandmother would always say when she didn’t like the guy I was dating “If I Can’t Be The Cake, Damn The Crumbs” and when it came down to her teaching me about the cycle of relationships, she would say “The First Month’s Sugar, The Second Month’s Pie, The Third Month Go To Hell, Damn You and Die!” In an effort of honoring the wisdom that was bestowed upon me by her, The Cake Chronicles 80/20 Healthy Relationship Challenge was developed. This guide chronicles the struggles women face in dating and establishing healthy, loving, long lasting relationships because Mrs. Debbie Cakes recognizes that women were never taught how to value themselves while at the same time, balancing the challenges of life and love. The Cake Chronicles Challenge uses the 80/20 Rule in a unique way that encourages women to define what they need to be happy or their 80% and what they are willing to compromise or their 20%, but you should never settle for less than your 80% because you will find yourself in a CRUMZY situation. Because like my wise grandmother would say, If You Can’t Be The Cake, Don’t Be The Crumz! A relationship is like a great cake, you have the right “ingredients”. Cake Chronicles uses cake as a metaphor to help women define their different types of relationships;

  • Cake Pops – When you’re single, this is the time in your life to get in touch with who you are and what you need to be happy
  • Cup Cake – You’re ready to mingle. This is the time to evaluate your relationships with others.
  • Cake – I’m married. This is the time when you and your husband should understand how to support one another.
  • Crumzy Situation – Relationships where you are settling for less than what you need and deserve.

But until you define your 80/20, it is difficult to see these relationships as “unhealthy”. Icing – Things that look good, may taste good, but are just not good for you! Take the 80/20 Healthy Relationship Challenge to discover what you truly need to be happy and learn how to stop settling for less than you deserve.


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